Iska's Personal Website

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1. Who am I

I'm a guy who loves computers and cats

2. What do I do?

I host several services, like this website, e-mail and

Sometimes I program too, usually in Lisp

3. current projects

Note that I'm pretty slow and procrastinate a lot, I make no promise of finishing these soon.

3.1. player

I'm working on a music player in Common Lisp, for nice features and better support of certain formats

The source code is currently private.

3.2. emu

I also have an experimental, completely portable JIT emulator of Risc-V in the works.

4. Contacts

(preferred) XMPP:




Hit me up if you have cool books and papers to share, I'm still learning.

Author: iskam

Created: 2023-12-15 Fri 23:28